The principle of, and commitment to equity and participation in FoSTA-Health begins with the management of the project (which will itself be subject to critical analysis and reflection through WP1). WP7 constitutes the wrap-around project management component of FoSTA-Health. Administratively, Wageningen University take a lead on the day-to-day management of the project, but strategic direction of the work will be guided an external advisory board and decisions aretaken by an executive management group that includes representation from all 13 of the organisations that comprise the FoSTA-Health consortium.

Leadership for the overall project, and of the separate Tracks (1. Research and Innovation and 2. Engagement, Impact ad Action) is each be shared by a European-based and an African-based member of the FoSTA-Health team. Leadership of WPs is shared across FoSTA-Health institutions, and each WP itself comprises a team of 2-5 institutions.

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